Room with a View

This Project started around early 2000 when I started traveling for work on a regular basis. The project has been captured on various cameras over the years as I transitioned from strictly film to digital and then bounced back and forth between the media.  

I really don't know what started the project. I think it was my appreciation for Michael Kenna's work with long exposure photography combined with my very early rising personality. I made some small prints early on in the project from Pittsburgh and the gentleman I worked for was impressed with them and in fact, wanted me to have a showing of the images. He was someone who travelled for work and so I feel he got the humor and art of what I was doing. While the show has not happened the project continued. 

Typically, I shoot these images around 4am out the window of my hotel room.  The exposures range from 2-3 minutes to over 40 minutes depending on the film in the camera or the existing or non-existing light. Over the years and around the world I have had some amazing views to be followed with a brick wall. Regardless, I take the shot.